Chairman's Message

Mr. Sanjeev Reddy

At the outset it is my privilege to introduce Sree Medha 'v' Degree College to you. Over the past few years, we had made stringent hard work to make this institution one of the best and finest education provider. Many students like you have graduated from our college and created countless success in the industry. At Sree Medha 'v' Degree College we pay a great deal of attention towards your career enhancement. We always work hard towards maintaining the high standards for the effective development of the students.

The Institution always instill a need to bridge the gap between academic & industry. Our international certifications are recognized as one of the best in industry. Students are well equipped with practicality of business and the intellectual rigor required by corporate world.

We create strong 'faculty-student', 'mentor-mentee' relationship and groom students to take up the challenges for prospective future this will be a unique and utmost feature of us. Sree Medha 'v' Degree College aims at contributing towards the students entrepreneurial thinking, competitive communication, global leadership, innovative attitude, world class academics and vibrant student life.

All faculty members are selected from amongst the best professionals. One of the main features of our curriculum is to create, develop and strengthen innovative and independent thinking. Our curriculum will give students the global and holistic understanding with rich and varied learning experience through in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, case studies, seminars, workshops etc. Therefore, no matter which program you wish to pursue at the college, I assure you of a great learning experience and our continuous support with your career thereafter.

I wish you all the best.

Warm Regards